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You are ready for a life of flow and ease.

You are open to doing the inner work to sculpt a life you love.

Sometimes we need someone with a helicopter view to help us and that is where I come in.

With a pragmatic approach I coach individuals to understand their energetic language and integrate their new knowledge into their every day life to create a life of flow and ease with a sprinkling of magic.

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I help people connect dots.

I am half English, half Portuguese.

After moving around for most of my life and living in 5 continents, I moved to Florida in 2019 with Nicolas and our 2 furry pups and hopefully settling down here.

I have never really felt I fully "belonged" anywhere, but always found a way to fit in and most importantly find "my people" wherever I may be.

I am not in to small talk. I find it awkward, so I much prefer to talk about what is beneath what we are saying.

I love to laugh. Big, genuine belly laughs.

I am an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert, depending on the day and vibe.

I feel better in smaller crowds than in bigger ones.  

I am often daydreaming, and I think this has always been the case. 

I have spent most of my life living in different countries. 

I had a corporate job for 14 years, then started my own business after training and certifying as a coach, adding on some energy healing certifications along the way.  

I am a life long learner and a recovering perfectionist. 

I love understanding what makes us tick, personal development, serendipity, energy healing and things that seem magical just because we can't explain them in a logical way.  

I love what I do. Even though I'm still finding out exactly what that is.

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